English Uur brand new website has been opened on February 18th. To get the latest and the RIGHT information about the bands attending Nummirock, keep visiting our website.
Some of the bands' names have been revealed at the website already in January and more will come! Stay tuned for updates! This year's Nummirock lasts three days and the fun begins June 24th, 2010. The main event is held friday thru saturday!

About the Festival Area

The accommodation situation has been taken care of with a guarded camping site right next to the festival area. Camping is free for those who have purchased the two-day prepaid ticket. So take your tent and your friends with you and come and have some fun!!

There is no age limit to the festival. Only the areas that sell alcohol have the age limit of 18 years.

There are plenty of little food stands in the festival area where you can buy all kinds of food, and a little beach at the Nummijärvi-lake (in the festival area) gives the guests the chance to cool off if the party gets too heavy!

There are three stages in the festival area. Smallest stage is for the new bands that possibly will be the new future promises and stars for the heavy metal circles.

You'll find a storage for your belongings from the festival area.

There is a little grocery store about 500 meters from the festival area. The store is open every day.

First aid patrols the area 24 hours a day. Please contact the first aid or security personnel if you find someone in need of first aid. There are also police and security personnel patrolling the camping area the whole time.
Getting there Nummirock is held in Finland in a small town called Nummijärvi (part of a city called Kauhajoki). You can easily get to the festival area by train and a bus. First, take a train to Seinäjoki, there you'll find busses coming straight to Nummirock.


The presold tickets are already being sold (the presold ticket includes camping very close to the festival area). Price is through the Festival 85 euros. You can buy the tickets online Ticket service Finland. It is also possible to buy the ticket from the gate as the festival starts. (you can also use credit card)
At the gate the prices are following:
3 days 99 eur (includes camping)
Friday 50 eur (includes camping through Friday-Saturday)
Saturday 50 eur (includes camping through Saturday-Sunday)

How to get there:

From Helsinki: Take a train to Seinäjoki. As you get to Seinäjoki, there is a straight bus fare to Nummirock. From the Helsinki-Vantaa- airport, you may take local bus (number 61) to Tikkurila, which is the closest train station and then book a train ticket to Seinäjoki. After the festival there are busses going back to Seinäjoki after the show on Saturday and also on Sunday morning.